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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find details around bookings, invoices and new customers as well as answers to frequently asked questions by our customers.

If you have any requests which is not mentioned here, please contact us at buchung@tsf-ferries.com.



Which ferry connection can be booked at TSF?

TSF Agency is concentrated on ferry connections throughout Europe, but also in Norway, Russia and north Africa. Our qualified Team works close together with the ferry companies and concentrates successful on over 950 ferry connections.

Which vehicles can be booked at TSF?

All transports must be for industrial purposes. If so, transports can be accompanied or not, bookings can be made for low-loading trucks to normal trailer trucks as well as sprinters and passenger cars. Naturally we also take care of difficult transports e.g. a variety of heavy /large/wide load with dangerous goods or animals.

Which information is neccessary for a booking?

The necessary Information differs in the connection. Basicly following information is necessary in order to place an effective booking

  • Favored connection
  • Date
  • License number
  • Dimensions of the vehicle
  • Loading weight
  • Number of drivers

Can I place a booking apart from the opening hours of TSF?

We ask new customers to contact us during our opening hours since our team has to insert the new customer into the system and also our team is always doing its utmost to offer the best connection possible. Established customers can contact our service hotline 24 hours a day on 365 days a year beyond our opening hours. Additionally our customers benefit when they lodge the license numbers at the canal so that the booking is not necessary anymore because the trucks can be registered by their lodged license plate.

Naturally our online-booking portal is available for customers all around the clock.

How do I become new customer?

Our new customers have the option to contact us via our homepage due to our online query form, or per Email to buchung@tsf-ferries.com or you can also call us at +43 7588 20301. Following like possible connections and prices will be discussed in a personal phone call with the new customer.

As a new customer: How can I do a booking?

Firstly the potential buyer will be contacted in order to discuss the query and find the best possible connection. Secondly based on the first conversation there will be an offer sent to the purchaser. Finally the new customer will be inserted in our database with all necessary information as customer with the first booking which has to be paid in advance. Then all details like license number and connections as well as the online account will be discussed. This opens the opportunity that the customer can book independent on our homepage.

How many days in advance to the connection does TSF take for a booking?

Usually it takes two to three days in advance, but this differs in the desired connection. The longer the ferry rides have less departures, so it is recommended to book as early as possible to guarantee the availability. We also try our utmost to get Last-Minute bookings, but we cannot guarantee that the connection is available.

When do I get my booking confirmation?

This is depending on the chosen connection and the shipping company. Mostly the bookings can be confirmed within 20 minutes. If there are rare connections like Mediterranean or North Sea as well as extensive bookings can take correspondingly more time e.g. for heavy loads there are special details which must be checked first. For that cases the consulting of the TSF-Teams is suggested. Ordinary bookings like short distances e.g. the canal can still be booked when the truck is already at the harbor preconditioned that there is still place available.

How do I get my booking confirmation?

All modern communication is available for the customer. Usually the booking will be send automatically per system to the Email of the defined receiver. Another option is to send the confirmation by fax or SMS to the driver of the truck with the necessary ticket number. We point out that the booking confirmation must be checked on accuracy by you.

Requirements for lashing eyes (lashing points)

Please note that vehicles without approved lashing points (lashing points) can not be used with the P & O Ferries and DFDS Shipping and most other shipping companies. International maritime law requires that vehicles carried at sea must have between 2 and 4 lashing points (lashing point) per side, depending on the vehicle weight.

The rules for securing cargo at sea are presented by the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency under the number MGN 418 (M) and can be viewed in full under the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mgn-418 -roll-onroll-off-ships-stowage-and-securing-of-vehicles


Rebookings and Cancellation / Delays of the trucks

Rebookings and Cancellation / Delays of the trucks

Can I cancel a booking? Which cost accrue then?

Basically, all bookings can be cancelled free of charge via Email or telephone respectively can be rebooked as long as the change will be in order timely. However some shipping companies are charging NO SHOW costs, e.g. not mentioned cancellation or delay of the truck. Correspondingly we are forced in that cases to charge that costs to our customers. Please catch up on timely cancellation possibilities, depending on the connection. Therefore we have the chance to rebook you on an alternative route and avoid cancellation costs. Our booking confirmation also contains a emergency number which can be reached 24 hours for changes.

How can I change booked data?

This possibility is free of charge available 24 hours due to a call or an email during the opening hours. Nevertheless we ask you to provide us with data change in time so that we can do the proper rebooking. In the case that the change is not provided to us, there might be problems with the check-in in the harbor and therefore additional costs.

Payment of booked Transit


of booked Transit

When do I get the invoice with all the conditions?

New customers always have to pay in advance. After clarifying the credit rating the prepayment will be changed to a accordingly payment period. Consisting customers are getting the invoices according the agreement or offer as well as the statement of costs after the shipment took place. The invoice can be sent by E-Billing (electronic Billing via Email) or via Mail like the customer requests. From experience the payments possibilities are most practicable by bank transfer onto the corresponding bank account. We also provide the possibility to debit the amount.

Special transports, Animals etc.

Details to the transfer

with special transports, Animals etc.

Can I book a transfer with special loads, refrigerated trucks as well as dangerous goods or living animals?

There is a difference between the connections. Our team has special knowledge on these topics and is looking forward to consult you and provide you with first information. Firstly there needs to be a request to check the possibilities of the transfer and additional needed information. These kinds of bookings take more time and we ask you to contact us timely. Basically, refrigerated trucks do not cause any problems or complications on the ferry, however it is rare that you can actively use your aggregate during the time on the ferry. Depending on the shipping company the accommodation and the catering varies, the consulting of the team of TSF is recommended.

Which accommodation and food does the driver has to expect?

The accommodation and food is different depending on the shipping company. Please ask our Team for details.