Gesichtsabdeckungen / Mund-Nasen-Schutz bleiben bestehen

Sehr geehrte Kunden,
nach dem Ende der gesetzlichen Verpflichtung zum Tragen eines Gesichtsschutzes in geschlossenen öffentlichen Räumen in England ab dem 19. Juli informieren wir Sie, dass die Vorschrift zum Tragen eines Gesichtsschutzes für alle Kunden, die mit Eurotunnel Le Shuttle Freight reisen, weiterhin gilt.
Unsere Kunden sind daher verpflichtet, während ihrer gesamten Reise weiterhin einen Gesichtsschutz zu tragen, einschließlich
► in unseren Bussen,
► in unseren Frachtfahrer-Zentren
► an Bord der Club Cars während der gesamten Dauer der Überfahrt
► im Le Truck Village und in den Gebäuden des Centre Douane SIVEP (CDS) in Frankreich
Alle unsere Mitarbeiter sind außerdem angewiesen, während ihrer Schichten weiterhin Gesichtsschutz zu tragen.
Wir sind bestrebt, unsere Kunden und Mitarbeiter zu schützen und werden daher weiterhin auf Selbstdistanzierung, das Tragen von Gesichtsschutz und die Verwendung von Handdesinfektionsmitteln setzen. Unser Engagement und unsere Maßnahmen wurden kürzlich von den beiden externen akkreditierten Organisationen AFNOR und TÜV Rheinland mit der Verleihung der COVID-19-Konformitätszertifikate für unsere Le Shuttle-Dienste anerkannt und bestätigt.
Wir werden diese Mitteilung an alle unsere Kunden auf unseren Terminals verstärken, aber wir wären Ihnen dankbar, wenn Sie diese wichtige Botschaft auch an Ihre Kollegen und Fahrer weitergeben könnten.

COVID Test für Lkw-Fahrer bei der Einreise nach Großbritannien

COVID Test für Lkw-Fahrer bei der Einreise nach Großbritannien

Das Vereinigte Königreich führt neue Anforderungen für Spediteure ein, die aus dem Ausland (hauptsächlich vom Kontinent) nach England reisen.

Ab dem 6. April müssen Spediteure, die aus dem Ausland nach England kommen, einen COVID-19-Test in England ablegen, wenn sie sich länger als 2 Tage dort aufhalten. Sie müssen den ersten Test innerhalb der ersten 2 Tage ablegen, danach weitere Tests alle 3 Tage.

Dies gilt für Fahrer und Besatzungen von LKWs und Fahrer von Transportern und anderen leichten Nutzfahrzeugen. Es gilt sowohl für in Großbritannien ansässige als auch für nicht in Großbritannien ansässige Transportunternehmen.

Wenn ein Fahrer keinen Nachweis über einen negativen COVID-19-Test hat, kann er/sie mit einer Geldstrafe von £2.000 belegt werden.

Allerdings müssen nicht alle Fahrer einen Test absolvieren.

- Ein Fahrer muss keinen Test absolvieren, wenn er oder sie sich 2 Tage oder weniger in England aufhält.

- Ein Fahrer muss keine Prüfung ablegen, wenn er oder sie von Irland, den Kanalinseln oder der Isle of Man - bekannt als Common Travel Area (CTA) - nach England einreist. Ein Fahrer muss sich nur in den 10 Tagen vor der Ankunft in der CTA oder in Großbritannien aufgehalten haben. Wenn sich ein Fahrer in den 10 Tagen vor seiner Ankunft in England außerhalb des CTA aufgehalten hat, muss er die Tests ablegen.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf GOV.UK. Das Vereinigte Königreich rät Fahrern, die Tests benötigen, diese in England zu absolvieren, zum Beispiel an den Beratungsstellen für Spediteure an verschiedenen Orten im Land.






COVID19 test sites

Dear Freight Customer

Please be reminded that All passengers wanting to travel to France must have a Negative COVID19 test result to travel

Free coronavirus tests will be available at some of the government's haulier information siteslocated at motorway service stations and truck stops.


The current advice sites offering tests are:

  • Carlisle Stobart truck stop
  • Doncaster North services 
  • Donington Park services
  • Peterborough services
  • Reading Eastbound services
  • Rugby Stobart truck stop
  • Sutton Scotney southbound services
  • Tamworth services
  • Watford Gap southbound services
  • Wetherby services


Also test and boarder ready checks are being undertaken at Manston: CT12 5BL

P&O Ferries

P&O Ferries - Covid-19(Corona-Virus) LKW Fähren




Dear Customer,

We have received a few queries about the UK quarantine exemption for freight drivers and their use of the Public Health Passenger Locator Form.


For your information, answers to the most common questions are as follows:


Do freight drivers need to quarantine for 14 days upon entering the UK?

No, freight drivers are exempt from this rule. However drivers must fill out a Public Health Passenger Locator Form before every single journey into the UK, available here. More details about the types of travellers who are exempt from the UK quarantine rule are available on the government’s website.


Do drivers have to fill out a new form for every journey?

Yes. Drivers must fill out a Public Health Passenger Locator Form before every single journey into the UK and UK Border Force will be performing checks. The person making the booking should confirm that either the driver or their representative (forwarder, planner) has filled out a form for their journey. Any drivers who have not filled out the form may face financial penalties and may either be delayed or turned back by UK Border Force when they try to enter the UK.


Can someone else fill out the form on behalf of the driver – e.g. the booking agent/ planner?

Yes. But note that the form requires various personal details about the driver, including their passport number and email address, so the person filling out the form must have those details. If the driver does not have an email address, then either their company email address can be used or


Do drivers need to carry a hard copy of the form with them on their journey?

No, a hard copy is not necessary. However, drivers must be able to provide the reference number from their form to UK Border Force, on request, on each and every journey. This is so that UK Border Force can check the driver’s details on their system. Note that the completed form (showing the reference number) can be stored and viewed on a smart device.

Kind regards,
The P&O Freight Team



Dear Customer,

As a valued customer of P&O Freight, we appreciate the trust you place in us and our people when you travel. Though novel-Coronavirus is new, our infectious disease management procedures are very well established, have a proven track record and fully satisfy all UK and European legal standards. In addition to our routine control measures, we are working with health and transport agencies within the UK and Europe, to ensure your safety is given the utmost priority.

We are open for your freight business and we take care of your drivers. We have the capacity to meet any freight demand, and we offer your drivers great rest and recreation, hot showers, nice food and plenty of space to stretch their legs and get a good rest. 

Fresh Air
To prevent the spread of Coronavirus onboard we’ve changed the way we ventilate our ships and have switched from air conditioning to fresh air. 

Hygiene is one of the most important safeguards against ill health. In addition to formally approved cleaning procedures, all of our sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals meet European standards for the eradication of bacteria and viruses.

Fresh linens are one of life’s little luxuries, but being visibly clean is not enough! All of our linens, towels, uniforms and the like are washed by specialist laundry service providers, who guarantee that they are free of any harmful bacteria and viruses.

Preventing the spread of ill health is as important as patient care. For this reason, we only use formally approved cabin cleaning procedures, by trained crew wearing sanitary ‘scrubs’ uniforms, as worn by doctors and nurses. This means your cabin is not just clean, but hygienically clean. Also, on our overnight routes, we offer single occupancy cabins for our freight drivers, so they don’t have to share a room with someone they don’t know.

Hand Hygiene Stations
Hand wash facilities are available in all public toilets, which are located around the ship, and in close proximity to restaurants, coffee shops and bars.
For your convenience, we also offer, free to use ’hand hygiene stations’ at various locations around our ships. These ‘stations’ dispense a ‘hygiene gel’ that is proven to kill bacteria and de-activate viruses.

All our food is provided by suppliers that have been subject to independent assessment, to ensure they meet the highest hygiene and safety standards. In addition, all our food handling crew receive formal, independently accredited food safety training, as well as regular training updates and knowledge assessments. All P&O ships are independently inspected by UK and European food safety inspectors and all possess the maximum 5 stars under the UK food hygiene rating scheme. 

Thank you for your continued trust in P&O Ferries, and we look forward to welcoming your freight drivers onboard.



DFDS - Covid-19(Corona-Virus) LKW Fähren




Dear Freight customer


Following the announcement from the UK government last week, we are receiving feedback that there has been some teething problems which has caused some delays at the border controls in France.


Please be reminded of the strict requirement, which is that all persons entering the UK MUST complete the online “passenger locator form” which should ideally be completed prior to arriving at the port of departure. The form can be completed online by following this link:


If you are unable to complete the online registration, the relevant forms will be available at the French Ports and can then be completed during your crossing with DFDS.

Please see the checklist of the requirements below:

Before you start
What you will need:

• Your passport details
• Ferry company you are travelling with
• The name of the company organising your journey
• Your booking reference number (if applicable)
• Port you’ll be arriving at
• The date you’ll be arriving
• Your ferry name 
• The address you’ll be staying at for your first 14 days in the UK (not applicable to Freight drivers)
• Details of someone who can be contacted if you become ill while you’re in the UK


Please be reminded that all freight drivers are exempt from the 14 days self-isolation requirement after travel.

I hope this notification provides useful assistance and I wish you all safe travels with DFDS.




Dear Freight Customer,


Over the last few days, the French government have taken a number of significant measures as an effort to inhibit the spread of the Coronavirus / COVID-19.

Included in those measures are restrictions around the number of people gathering in one place and the closure of bars, restaurants, museums, some shops and other venues until further notice within France.


We, at DFDS have taken the step of reducing the maximum number of people allowed on each crossing by 50% on our Dover Calais, Dover Dunkirk and Newhaven Dieppe routes until at least the 6th April. However, I must emphasise that presently there are no changes to our sailing schedules and from a freight perspective our freight capacity and service offerings remain are unchanged.


We are very conscious that our routes between the UK & France are an important part of the arteries of trade and we will continue to provide frequency and capacity to our freight customers in an effort to ensure that vital goods can reach shops and businesses.

Onboard our vessels we have already taken significant measures to protect our customers and prevent the spread of COVID-19 including:


• Hand sanitizer dispensers are installed in several locations on the ships for our passengers to use.
• We are asking  passengers to wash /sanitise their hands prior to entering the RK area
• Ongoing extra touchpoint cleaning.
• No more than 100 people in each of our venues onboard
• The ships crew is subject to strict measures and hygiene requirements.
• The ships carry a stock of masks to limit the spread of infection, if the need arises.

We would like to reassure you that we have taken every precaution advised by the World Health Organisation to minimise the spread of Coronavirus / COVID-19 to protect the health of those travelling.

We are committed to ensuring our customers have the best service and experience whilst travelling with us and we will continue to do so during this difficult period.

For more information and local authority advice, please see our FAQs here. For the latest update from the EU commission, please see here



COVID-19/Letter to Freight Customers

 Dear Partner,

 The Covid-19 situation develops fast and in a critical direction. In DFDS we have a social responsibility of keeping business and transport working. This means that we will continue operating our routes, but adapt our operation to the updated measures and recommendations. The safety and the well-being of our people and customers is our main priority, and we have raised many of our procedures to the official authorities’ regulations and beyond, to minimize any health risk to our people and customers onboard our ships and in our terminals.

 For accompanied units:

We require full driver details to be submitted by 16:30 on the day of departure. In case of missing details, even with confirmed booking, the unit will be refused boarding and put on stand-by;

All drivers onboard will be requested to fill a traveler location form;

When possible, but not guaranteed, truck drivers will be placed in a single occupancy cabin at no additional cost;

Bars and restaurants will be closed. Self-service restaurant – will remain open, but instead of buffet we will serve in disposable containers for takeaway to the cabins;

Increased availability of handwash in the areas of common use.

 DFDS employees and crews onboard are trained how to deal with suspected cases and our ships are equipped with necessary equipment.

All cabins and common areas undergo through cleaning and disinfection at the port of arrival.

For truck drivers suspected to be COVID-19 carrier, boarding can be refused without prejudice. For further procedures, please refer to local authorities’ and WHO regulations and recommendations.

 For unaccompanied units:

We have adjusted the trailer/machinery/container/general cargo drop-off/collection limiting it to check-in and gate-in procedure until recall.

DFDS cargo agents will not accept trailer and cargo documents, the documents must be left with a trailer. If the document box at the trailer is missing or cannot be to open due to the sealing, please instruct the driver to:

- put the cargo documents in a envelope to be find outside the normal document box;

- write trailer reg. number on the envelope;

- drop the envelope in the box used for all customers.

 Please contact your sales representative for available railway connections and other possible trailer delivery options on each of the routes that we cover.

 Please note that all schedules may be subject to change at short notice.

 For more information and latest updates, please contact your local representative or visit our webpage:

 We count with your patience and increased sense of collaboration in this extraordinary situation.


COVID-19 Coronavirus

13th March 2020 

  Dear Freight Customer,

 Various countries are currently introducing extensive measures to delay the spread of COVID-19 / Coronavirus.

DFDS will naturally adapt to the recommendations and advice provided.

However, the governments do not want to bring transportation to a halt. Therefore, we will continue operating our ferry routes.


As our highest priority is to ensure our passengers a safe, secure and comfortable journey, we will follow government recommendations to limit the number of people gathered in one place on board.


We will also continue to follow our robust procedures for avoiding the spread of the virus through increased cleaning and disinfecting on board. We will continue giving advice to our passengers on how to avoid spreading the virus through hygiene measures and keeping a safe distance from other people.

We will continue to do our utmost to ensure you have enjoyable experience on board.




Eurotunnel - Covid-19(Corona-Virus)


Dear Ms,

With the progressive easing of lock down measures in several countries, wearing a facial covering is a growing practice in many public places and could soon become the norm.

In this context, we are now recommending that all drivers and their passengers wear a facial covering when travelling on our trains and minibuses. It can be any type of publicly available covering, as long as it covers the nose and mouth.

Most of your drivers are now already used to wearing a facial covering when using our shuttle service and we would ask you again to continue to provide such equipment to your drivers.

Starting today and for the next few weeks, until everyone is able to equip themselves, a complimentary facial covering will be provided to all drivers requiring one when they arrive at our terminals.

You know already that we have adapted our transport processes to ensure social distancing and protection for everyone. This new initiative is another responsible decision that we are taking to ensure everyone’s health and well-being when crossing the Channel with Eurotunnel.



Dear Ms 

Le Shuttle freight works closely with the British and French governments to apply the most up to date advice and guidance for the protection and comfort of its customers. 

In addition to regularly cleaning common spaces and topping up soap dispensers across the terminal and on-board shuttles, hand sanitisers are installed in driver minibuses and in all club-cars.  

In response to the latest social distancing requirements from the UK government, both in transit and on the terminals, we operate a limited capacity in each train, resulting in additional social space for HGV drivers on trains and buses.  

We are working to provide additional departures to mitigate any impact on waiting time. 

Slowing the spread of Coronavirus is the responsibility of all. We ask our freight customers to play their part in ensuring that they also follow government advice and take all measures necessary for the protection and comfort of their own truck drivers and for those they come into contact with. 

With everyone following government advice, we can slow the spread of the virus and continue to maintain the vital trade link across the Channel to the benefit of all.

Best regards




Following the evolution of Covid-19 and the recent decisions taken by the French government, we want to ensure that we comply with the public hygiene instructions to limit the impact of the virus and share with you the steps that we are taking to protect all our customers and employees.

You can be reassured that currently there are no travel restrictions in place between the UK and France and we continue to run our freight shuttles normally.

As a valued Eurotunnel customer, you know that safety remains our top priority. We have always taken the cleanliness of our operation very seriously. We know this is even more important at this time, so we have reinforced best hygiene practices across our business and equipment on terminals.

Hand sanitisers are now available on board for drivers in Club Cars. We reduce the access to the trains at certain times to limit the number of drivers in the minibuses and Club Cars in order to respect the recommended secure distance.

We remind you that vans below 3,5 tonnes can travel on our Passengers shuttles on our service. This way your driver will stay on board vehicle during the whole journey. Please contact our Freight Commercial Department for more information.

As of today, our continental freight support team will work from home, as will the UK team from tomorrow. You are therefore invited to contact us by email and we will answer as quickly as possible.

This is an exceptional time requiring exceptional measures. Please be assured that we are doing our utmost to react and adapt quickly to these new circumstances by continually striving to provide a fast and efficient service.

The future remains unknown. We are in close contact with official authorities in France and the UK to ensure that we have the latest information and are monitoring any changes. We will keep you informed regularly.

Thank you for choosing Eurotunnel.


COLOR LINE CARGO - Covid-19(Corona-Virus) LKW Fähren


Dear Customer

We are pleased to announce that we are able to resume with passenger traffic on most of our lines soon.


Larvik - Hirtshals and Kristiansand - Hirtshals will from 15th June resume normal schedule with 2 sailings in each direction. Cabins will be available for drivers. Drivers from the same company may share cabins.


Oslo - Kiel, Color Fantasy will start sailing from Oslo 17th June, while Color Magic will follow and start from Oslo 24th June. To have as stable service for cargo customers as possible in the startup period. Sailings will be as follows


Until further notice we will have a small change in the arrival time and departure time for Color Fantasy and Magic in Kiel. Arrival at 11:00 am and departure 01:00 pm. Arrival and departure in Oslo as per original schedule, arrival 10:00 am and departure 02:00 pm.

Accompanied trucks are welcome onboard. It is important that drivers continue to follow health advise and regulations for transportation to avoid spread of COVID 19. Drivers will get one cabin each and be catered for in a designated area onboard our vessels.

Sandefjord - Strømstad is still cancelled.

COVID 19 surcarge will be discontinued on all lines from 15th June.

Best Regards, Color Line Cargo



wir sind soeben von den norwegischen Gesundheitsbehörden informiert worden, dass wir leider ab sofort Fahrer mit Wohnort in den unten genannten Gebieten NICHT mehr an Bord nehmen dürfen.

Daher sind wir angehalten, ab sofort die Ausweispapiere gründlich zu prüfen und Fahrer ggf. abzuweisen.


Wir bedauern diese Entwicklung, müssen aber den Anweisungen Folge leisten.

Bei weiteren Informationen in der Sache halten wir Sie selbstverständlich informiert.


Regions: China, Iran, South Korea, Italy, Austria – Tirol only, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Japan.


Finnlines - Covid-19(Corona-Virus) LKW Fähren

Coronavirus (COVID-19) preparedness in Finnlines traffic


As Finnlines has a significant part to play in Nordic countries' security of supply we do our utmost to keep both our customers and our personnel safe and secure from the effects of coronavirus.

 There are no plans to cancel any departures. Both the landside and seaside processes are ready to be modified according to the instructions and guidelines provided by health and other authorities.

 Finnlines vessels have capacity for a limited number of passengers, a few hundred at most, and compared to those numbers they are spacious, which limits the exposure to infectious diseases. To ensure the safety of both drivers and crew intensified precautionary measures are taken onboard our vessels, including:

 Drivers will be allocated own cabins, also on our ro-ro vessels, starting on week 12

  • Increased cleaning and disinfection, especially cleaning of door handles, handrails, elevator knobs, remote controls and tabletops.<u5:p></u5:p>
  • Reinforced high hygienic standards onboard by increasing the amount of hand sanitizers in different places to make it easier for drivers and other passengers as well as crew members to clean their hands frequently.<u5:p></u5:p>
  • Detailed instructions for the crew as how to handle any person with flu-like symptoms<u5:p></u5:p>
  • Display posters and leaflets promoting the protective measures (handwashing, social distancing and cough etiquette) as advised by the health authorities<u5:p></u5:p>

 Finnlines is following on daily basis and applying national and international health authorities’ instructions.

 Furthermore, we advise our customers the following

  • <u5:p></u5:p>If the driver has symptoms of a virus infection s/he should not travel<u5:p></u5:p>
  • No passengers or drivers are allowed onboard for the time being in the Biscay-Russia, Germany-Russia, UK and Aarhus-Helsinki traffics<u5:p></u5:p>
  • We ask the drivers to avoid cash and card payments as well as handing identification papers to the check-in personnel<u5:p></u5:p>
  • For the duration of the corona epidemic, we do not provide eurovignettes in Vuosaari harbour; they can be acquired online at<u5:p></u5:p>


Take care and keep safe!

Finnlines Plc

Freight Services


Stena Line

Stena Line - Covid-19(Corona-Virus) LKW Fähren

Dear Freight Customer,




Each year we perform 28,000 sailings where we connect Europe and connect people. On each of these sailings, caring for the safety and comfort of our guests is our top priority. Because of that, the situation with the COVID-19 has our full attention. 


In a situation like this we prioritize to collaborate with you to make sure all shipments are carried out and to minimize any negative impact on your business. 


Below information includes the actions we have taken to follow the official authority’s regulations and recommendations and to make sure to support freight customers and freight drivers in the best possible way. 


Freight Drivers


In an extraordinary situation like this we rely on the manuals and routines we have for this kind of situation. Our crews are trained for many different types of situations, including diseases. In addition to that:


  • We are in touch with local authorities in the 10 countries we are operating in and ensure to follow regulations and recommendations from them and established health organisations. 
  • On-board our ships and in our terminals, we are taking precautionary measures to prevent any spread of the Coronavirus including:
  1. Increased the frequency of preventive cleaning and disinfection of “Hand Contact Point Hotspots” such as door handles, access touch pads, telephones. These are sanitized after each sailing and/or at least three times a day on longer crossings.
  2. Increased possibilities for hand wash and disinfection placed in our public areas.
  3. Information on hygienic measures based on the World Health Organization’s guidelines.
  • Stena Line's employees on-board are trained how to deal with suspected cases of illness and our ships are equipped with medical equipment.
  • For any freight driver that has visited/been in quarantine areas or suspect to be COVID-19 carrier we refer to the World Health Organization’s and the local authorities’ regulations and recommendations. Links can be found on
  • Drivers will be accommodated in single cabins as far as circumstances may permit but cannot be guaranteed. Local variations may apply on certain routes.
  • The local authorities’ regulations regarding gathering in larger groups DO NOT currently apply to our ferries.
  • At this stage we are NOT checking any drivers’ temperature as well as we DO NOT request any self-certification.
  • Please note that rules and conditions in relation to travelling onboard our vessels may be subject to change at short notice.


Freight Companies


  • Unless there is a direct travel ban from the official authorities we will keep sailing.
  • Currently, our network is open to all the destinations we cover on our 20 routes. Should any changes be necessary we will immediately update our website with current traffic information to give you the best service possible
  • Please note that all schedules may be subject to change at short notice.


Please visit or where we will keep you updated of any changes to the current situation that come to our knowledge. 


We do hope that you agree with us when expressing the importance of all of us taking a responsibility in this difficult situation. 


Should you have any questions about your shipments with us, please feel free to contact your local sales representative or via the links mentioned in this information.


Thank you for your support.

Adria Ferries

Adria Ferries - Covid-19(Corona-Virus) LKW Fähren

Gent.le Cliente,

Unfortunately, we have to note that the latest events worldwide, together with the new consumption regulations for shipping companies, are putting a strain on our company's business as well.

Since yesterday all passenger connections between Italy and Albania and vice versa, one of the vital services for all ferries, have been banned.

Adria Ferries wants to continue to offer you the best possible service in terms of continuity of connections and safety for your freight and drivers, supporting today expensive daily sanitization actions on all its ships.

In light of the above, a small effort is required from everyone, trying to preserve the good things created together to date.

In attachment we forward you the new goods lists in force from 16 March 2020 until the date to be allocated


Fjord Line

Fjord Line - Covid-19(Corona-Virus) LKW Fähren


Press release


Fjord Line is canceling sailings due to the Corona virus situation – At the same time a new extraordinary route is established.

In light of the serious situation related to the COVID – 19 Virus, Fjord Line is doing everything in its power to help stop the spread of the virus and is therefore canceling all the sailings between Bergen- Stavanger and Hirtshals, and between Hirtshals and Langesund. The route between Sandefjord and Strømstad will sail as normal with departure from Sandefjord 8.30 AM and return from Strømstad 12 PM. As an extraordinary route Fjord line is establishing the route between Kristiansand and Hirtshals to maintain a direct route between Norway and Denmark. The above-mentioned route changes will be in affect from Monday the 16th of March and 30 days going forward. This may be prolonged.

The escalating situation is affecting everyone. Fjord Line has the upmost focus on security and hygiene on bord our vessels and have reinforced our routines due to the current situation. As of this date there have been no reports of Corona contamination amongst our passengers or crew.

Norwegian and Danish authorities have imposed severe measures to contaminate the spread of the virus. Fjord Line will follow all regulations and guidelines given by local and state authorities. As a consequence of this we have decided to cancel some of our routes. The routes affected will be:

  • Bergen-Hirtshals: last departure Sunday 15th of March 1.30 PM
  • Stavanger-Hirtshals: last departure Monday 16th of March 8.30 AM
  • Stavanger-Bergen-Stavanger: no departures after Sunday 15th of March
  • Langesund-Hirtshals: last departure Sunday 15th of March 2.30 PM
  • Sandefjord-Strømstad: no afternoon departure from the 16th of March

PLEASE NOTE: The morning departure at 8.30 AM from Sandefjord with return from Strømstad at 12 PM will sail as normal until further notice.

New extraordinary route           

As an extraordinary route Fjord Line establishes two daily departures in each direction between Kristiansand and Hirtshals. This route will be served by one of our vessels that normally sails on the route between western Norway and Hirtshals.

All passengers who have a booking on one of the cancelled routes will be offered to travel on the new extraordinary route instead. All others with need of transport between Norway and Denmark are welcome on bord our ships.

–  I believe everyone is understanding towards the measures we are taking to limit the spread of the virus. I acknowledge that these measures will be affecting the travel plans and schedules of our passengers but considering the current situation and the recommendations from national authorities, we feel this is the appropriate thing to do, says Richard Ternblom.


Free rebooking

All passengers who have booked standard car packages and cruises between the 10th of March and until the 31st of May 2020 can change their travel date with no additional cost up to 48 hours before departure. After this date normal conditions will apply.

It’s also possible to cancel after normal conditions for the ticket fare and type.

We will contact everyone affected

We will contact everyone affected by these changes in chronological order. So those with tickets with a departure date approaching will be contacted first. This is a large number of customers and we ask for the understanding that it can take some time before everyone is contacted.

We ask our freight customers to contact their regional freight office.

The changes described above will be in affect from Monday the 16th of March and for the next 30 days – the 15th of April or until further notice is given.


Scandlines - Covid-19(Corona-Virus) LKW Fähren


Dear Scandlines Freight Customer,
Danish authorities have decided to close the Danish border for entry. The ban applies to all passengers during the period:
 From 12 noon on March 14 through April 13.
The entry ban does not apply to the following groups:
 Freight and freight transport by truck
 Danish citizens
 Commuters with employment in Denmark
 Other persons with strongly justified purpose
The ban also does not apply to freight transit traffic through Denmark by truck.
Danish border control checks the compliance with above stated restrictions at the border.
Scandlines expects to continue its operation with the current or close to current schedule until further notice.
If you have any questions, please contact your known sales contact in Scandlines.


Øresundsbron - Covid-19(Corona-Virus) LKW Fähren

The Øresund Bridge and the corona virus


Øresundsbro Konsortiet follows authority recommendations and government decisions regarding the spread of the corona virus. The Danish government has decided to partially close the border - stricter entry rules to Denmark from March 14 at 12 o'clock through April 13, 2020.

The Øresund Bridge continues to be open for freight traffic, all trips from Denmark to Sweden, and with stricter entry rules from Sweden to Denmark. People who wish to travel to Denmark can expect to be rejected at the Danish border, if they do not have a valid reason, such as living or working in Denmark, or delivering goods to Denmark.

For more information and details on the Danish government's stricter entry rules to Denmark, we refer to the Danish authorities website

The Øresund Bridge is important from a societal perspective and for the infrastructure in the Øresund region. Accessibility and safety for customers, staff and suppliers is our highest priority. But if authorities in Denmark or Sweden decide that we should restrict access, we try to handle the decision to the best of our ability for our customers.

Due to the spread of the corona virus, Øresundsbro Konsortiet works actively to prevent the spread of infection among the staff, protect the business and secure accessibility - with internal procedures and guidelines for travel, telework and meetings with guests and suppliers.

We refer to the authorities’ websites for the latest information about coronavirus.


With kind regards

Brittany Ferries

Brittany Ferries - Covid-19(Corona-Virus)


Since the beginning of the Covid-19 restrictions, Brittany Ferries has provided drivers with a very basic, free offer of food and drink on board.  With effect from Saturday 23 May 2020, we will be starting to increase the choice available to drivers, albeit still at a very basic level.  

On our services between UK-Spain sandwiches and prepared food will be provided free of charge. 

On Channel services, as usual, drivers will be offered a 50% discount on all food and non-alcoholic beverages.  

We hope to resume a fuller catering facility as soon as we can safely do so.

Kind regards


Re: Covid-19 - Brittany Ferries’ actions. 

Timetables attached (published for guidance), please check with our booking offices.

 The latest developments across Europe in respect of the Covid-19 pandemic have obliged Brittany Ferries to respond quickly and decisively.  I am writing to you to inform you of the situation as it stands today and how we anticipate that our response will evolve over the coming days.

 Channel services

 Cherbourg-Poole, St.Malo-Portsmouth, Roscoff-Plymouth & Le Havre-Portsmouth routes are suspended until at least 9 April 2020

Caen-Portsmouth route will be operated by Mont St Michel only until further notice.

The sailings on Caen-Portsmouth route normally operated by Normandie will instead be operated by Connemara on the Cherbourg-Portsmouth route.


Spanish services

 Pont-Aven has been withdrawn from service on Santander-Portsmouth/Plymouth services until at least 9 April 2020

Connemara has been switched to operate between Cherbourg-Portsmouth, as explained above.

Cap Finistère will continue to operate on her existing schedule between Portsmouth-Santander/Bilbao.

MN Pelican will continue to operate on her existing schedule, carrying unaccompanied traffic between Bilbao-Poole.


Irish services

 Kerry will continue to operate her existing schedule on the Bilbao-Rosslare route.  The Rosslare-Roscoff service due to commence 23/3/20 is suspended until at least 9 April 2020.

Pont-Aven services on the Roscoff-Cork service are suspended until at least 9 April 2020.


On the services that remain in operation, all on-board outlets are closed, including bars and catering.  There is a very basic service available on Cap Finistère and Kerry.  Drivers are invited to bring their own food and drink on board.  Movement around the ship is severely restricted and we ask drivers to remain in their cabins throughout the crossing, in order to minimise social contact during the Covid-19 crisis. We are doing our best to allocate one cabin per vehicle, although on rare occasions drivers may be asked to share with a colleague from the same company.


Brittany Ferries is doing everything possible to maintain a service to its freight customers during this unprecedented crisis.  Our staff is reliant on the co-operation and goodwill of drivers to minimise contact and to be patient and understanding of the measures that we have put in place to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all concerned. This co-operation is imperative and it goes without saying but we would find ourselves with no option other than to refuse shipment to anyone not abiding by these conditions. In addition, we will no longer accept the hand-delivery of documents (CMR, DGN...) at our Freight counters.


I take this opportunity to wish you and your colleagues good health as we work through this period together.



Good morning,


Concerning the global pandemic we are facing, you will find below information about Brittany Ferries.

- Services on Le Havre / Portsmouth line will make its last departure today and will be stopped until 9th April.

- The MV Pont Aven, which has just returned from her refit, will not resume services until 10 April (Roscoff / Cork, Roscoff / Plymouth and Plymouth / Santander lines).

- The other Cross-Channel services will continue until further notice.

- On the Spanish services,the MV Kerry (Bilbao-Rosslare) will only carry freight vehicles and the MV Pelican (Bilbao-Poole) will only take unaccompanied freight vehicles.

- On board, precautions are taken for restaurants, selfs, bars and shops (one metre apart in the queues, one meter distance at the tables).

- As far as possible, we provide a cabin for a lorry. If it is not possible, we will ask drivers to share the cabin with other companies.


We will keep you informed of developments in the coming days.


CLDN - Covid-19(Corona-Virus)


Dear Customer,


For the time being, CLdN Ro-Ro SA and Cobelfret Ferries NV remain fully operational.

We will continue to run our regular services as long as crews on board of vessels remain healthy and sufficient stevedoring staff is available.


Following measures have been taken to assure the safety and health of all those involved as well as service continuity:


•    Since Friday 13 March no more self-drives are accepted on board of our vessels;

•    Contact between vessel crews and terminals are limited to the strict minimum;

•    Strictest WHO and national hygiene recommendations were implemented on board of our vessels, with the local stevedores and in all our offices;

•    Home office is being implemented to the maximum extent possible, whereby a minimum 50% of office staff works from home to secure continued operations;

•    Business trips, face-to-face meetings and travelling between our offices have been suspended for the time being.



We will keep you updated on any further development and have the necessary contingency plans in place in case issues would arise.

Internal & external communication systems have been set up so we can keep you updated accordingly.


TT - Line

TT - Line - Covid-19(Corona-Virus)


As already informed yesterday, TT-Line’s cargo-passenger ships operate normally on all routes (Travemünde-Trelleborg v.v. / Rostock-Trelleborg v.v. / Swinoujscie-Trelleborg v.v. / Klaipeda-Trelleborg v.v. and Klaipeda-Germany v.v.)despite the coronavirus outbreak to ensure a functioning logistical network. 
We would like to point out our extended actions to contain the further spread and to offer a most safe travel for your drivers:


1. Safeguarding single cabin transportation: On all TT-Line routes  will ensure with immediate effect a single cabin per truck for your drivers at least until the 2nd of April, 2020.

2. Contact-free check-In: We strongly recommend that your drivers use our mobile Check-In, which allows your drivers to drive on board without having to leave his truck and avoiding social contacts. The Online Check-In is available for all departures departing from the harbors Travemünde, Rostock and Trelleborg.

3. On board routines: On board our ships, all drivers are instructed on how they can help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.TT-Line has also intensified our on- board cleaning routines and pay careful attention to keeping all surface areas regularly cleaned. The coronavirus does not spread through the ventilation systems.


TT-Line closely monitors the development of the coronavirus outbreak. For further information please visit our infopage here.

Seatruck Ferries


Dear Customer                                                                                              

As from Friday 17 April, Seatruck Ferries will recommence driver-accompanied shipments on its Dublin – Liverpool service, with reduced capacity. We will accommodate a maximum of 6 passengers per vessel, allowing drivers to have a single cabin for the duration of the voyage.

A Temperature check will be administered by crew before boarding and if a fever of 38C or higher is detected passage will be refused.

Movement onboard the vessel will be limited, we would ask for your cooperation in adhering to social distancing rules and following instructions from terminal staff and crew. A packed lunch (sandwich, fruit, biscuit) and bottled water will be made available.

All relevant documents i.e. DGN’s must be emailed to your relevant shipping office in advance of the driver’s arrival, no handling of paperwork will take place.

Please contact your relevant port for booking information.

Thank you for your help and understanding at this time.