truck ferries to Greece

truck ferries to Greece

ferry route shipping company
Ancona (I) - Igoumenitsa (GR) Anek-Superfast & Minoan Lines
Bari (I) - Igoumenitsa (GR) Superfast Ferries
Brindisi (I) - Igoumenitsa (GR) Grimaldi Lines
Trieste (I) - Igoumenitsa (GR) Grimaldi Lines & Minoan Lines
Venezia (I) - Igoumenitsa (GR) Anek Lines
Ancona (I) - Kerkyra (Corfu) (GR) Anek-Superfast & Superfast Ferries
Ancona (I) - Patra (GR) Anek-Superfast & Minoan Lines
Bari (I) - Patra (GR) Superfast Ferries
Trieste (I) - Patra (GR) Grimaldi Lines & Minoan Lines
Venezia (I) - Patra (GR) Anek Lines

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