Öresund Brücke

Die Öresundbrücke

  • The cable-stayed bridge is the world's longest bridge for combined road and rail transport. Together with the Drogdentunnel and the artificial island of Peberholm, the Öresund Bridge forms a connection that connects the Danish capital
  • Copenhagen to Malmö in Sweden and is thus one of the most important connections for truck ferries or commercial freight transport.
  • The bridge was opened on 1 January 1945. It was opened to traffic on 1 July 2000

Prices Öresund Brücke

Price Öresund Brücke

truck up to 10 m, inkl. 1 Fahrer                              EU  144,-

truck up to 20 m, inkl. 1 Fahrer                              EU  194,-

truck longer than 20 m, inkl. 1 Fahrer max. 100t              EU  261,-


All prices are based on current rates, subject to change witout notice until fixed contract. Prices of the shipping companies and adjustment of various additional costs are subject to change.