Dartford Tunnel

The Dartfordtunnel

  • The over- or Crossing under the Thames with vans or trucks east of London is called Dartford Crossing or Dartford Tunnel.
  • This over- or Underpass consists of 2 tunnels and the "Queen Elizabeth II Bridge". The bridge and tunnels connect the south bank with the north bank.
  • Dartford Crossing is the last crossing of the Thames before it flows into the North Sea.

Prices Tunnel Dartford

Price Dartford crossing

truck from 10m to 20 m length (one way)                  EU  15,- / per trip

Please note that as for the crossing, your license plate will be deposited, and we will charge you for each crossing.


All prices are based on current rates, subject to change witout notice until fixed contract. Prices of the shipping companies and adjustment of various additional costs are subject to change.

All prices per sigle trip, unless otherwise stated! Every trailer must have lashing points at loading.

No-Show (non-use or cancllation of an unused ferry not in time) we will charge you according to display, plus a flat rate of EU 25,- per case.