• The Eurotunnel, also known as the Truck Shuttle, is the longest underwater tunnel in the world and the best connection from France to England and vice versa, for trucks and vans.
  • The railway tunnel (Eurotunnel) connects the Atlantic in the west with its North Sea rim in the east and runs in a northwest-southeast direction and connects the island of Great Britain with continental Europe (Folkestone - Calais).
  • The Eurotunnel is operated by the technical infrastructure of Getlink.

Prices for Eurotunnel

Calais – Folkestone v.v. (permanently, ca. 0.5h duration) Eurotunnel

Max. 44 to grossweight, max. 18.75  x 2.60 x 4.20 m total mass

up to 07.4 m length incl. 2 drivers                 EU 167,- / one way, per crossing

up to 12.9 m length incl. 2 drivers                 EU 219,- / one way, pro crossing

up to 19.0 m length incl. 2 drivers                 EU 278,- / one way, pro crossing



see PEAK Day calendar 2022 + EUR 12,00


additional costs of the freight:

Co-Driver (from the 3. driver)                                      on request

Plug in / Electricity (refrigerated goods)                      not possible / turn off !!!

Hazardous Goods (IMDG) (Labels)                             on request


All prices are based on current rates, subject to change witout notice until fixed contract. Prices of the shipping companies and adjustment of various additional costs are subject to change.

All prices per sigle trip, unless otherwise stated! Every trailer must have lashing points at loading.

No-Show (non-use or cancllation of an unused ferry not in time) we will charge you according to display, plus a flat rate of EU 25,- per case.